Meet the artist

Andrew Dat Tran is a Canadian artist based out of Southern California. 

What is Circles of sin?

I've always been intrigued with the notion of the Seven Deadly Sins and it was in early 2017 that I decided to create a series of seven paintings called the Djinn of Sin. Initially, I those were the only paintings I planned to do for the series but then saw the potential in expanding it into an entire collection of paintings.

Each month, I decide on an interesting theme and create 7 paintings based off that theme. For example, themes like Knight, Djinns, Dragons, Sorcerer's would all be created into paintings representing each of the sins;

Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Pride, and Greed

Each sin is its own faction and I plan on adding some more flavor to each one as the project continues to develop.

Frequently asked questions


1. What kind of paper do you use

I use Red River's Polar Pearl Metallic inkjet photo paper (255 gsm) for my prints. Although it is quite expensive, I feel it produces vibrant colors and gives my paintings a unique look that other papers have a hard time reproducing. 

2. Where are your prints made?

They are printed in-house and I personally oversee all the printing and shipping to ensure the highest possible quality.

3. What makes the prints limited edition?

Only the specified number of prints will ever be sold on my website. Once a painting is sold out, it will never be printed again.

4. How are your prints shipped?

I ship them in 20" tall 3" wide poster tubes that are taped and sealed to ensure complete protection.

5. How do you sign & number your paintings?

I sign them by my middle name, "Dat" with a Liquid Chrome marker and number them on the back of the print.

6. I need help with my order, how do I contact you?

Email me with any concerns at

7. The print I want is sold out, is it possible for me to still buy one?

You may still be able to purchase smaller editions of the prints at conventions but if they're sold out then it's not possible to buy one.

8. Do you ship internationally?

Yes I do. Shipping rates will adjust accordingly.